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Combine Galactic Time:
First Sun Mobile Regiment

The First Sun Mobile Regiment is a combined arms formation organized as a Repulsorlift Regiment, containing approximately 2,500 troops. First Sun is commanded by Colonel Ettrick Antalaha. The Regiment's specialty is Search, Locate & Annihilate Missions (SLAMs). The Regiment is divided into battalions, each commanded by a Major, whose territory is a planet. Battalions are divided into Companies commanded by a Captain, whose territory is a city. Companies are divided into Platoons led by a Lieutenant, whose territory is the ground surrounding a city. Platoons are divided into squads of 12 led by a Sergeant. First Sun Battalions and Companies are dropped in large areas where there is a need for quick response. 1stSun_logo.png

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An independent mercenary regiment specializing
in offensive operations & defensive fortificatons.


New recruits start with the rank of Lieutenant.
Transport to our training world is paid for.
All new recruits are provided with
a ship, vehicle, weapons, armour, and riflemen.

First Sun Mobile Regiment 1st Battalion trains military personel and "Search Locate Annihilate Missions" (SLAMs).

First Sun Mobile Regiment 2nd Battalion handles construction of planetary defenses and logistics.
In space, 2nd Battalion builds Astroid Hideouts, Ataturk-class, Golan I, & XQ1 stations, and all Space Colonies.
On the ground, 2nd Battalion builds Shield Generators, Computer Control Centres, Barracks, Training Academies, and Crew Quarters.
For defensive fortifications, 2nd Battalion builds LNR I Series Turbo Laser Cannons and Anti-Air Batteries.