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Combine Galactic Time:

Colonel: commands the regiment.
Major: commands a battalion
Captain: commands a company
Lieutenant: commands a platoon

4 Battalions make a Regiment.
4-6 Companies make a Battalion.
4-6 Platoons make a Company.
4-6 squads make a Platoon.

Example Order of Battle for 1st Battallion Company A
Battalion Company Platoon Rank Squad Type
1 Aurek 1 Cpt Rifle x4
1 Aurek 2 Lt Rifle x4
1 Aurek 3 Lt Rifle x4
1 Aurek 4 Lt Rifle x4
1 Aurek 5 Lt Scout x4
1 Aurek 6 Lt Heavy x4

A First Sun Repulsorlift Platoon contains four squads and 2 combat vehicles. A Repulsorlift Platoon is commanded by a Lieutenant. The Lt.'s command element serves as mobile command base and coordination center. In combat the lieutenant leads from the front, where he can best direct the platoon. First Sun missions are typically SLAMs, Search Locate Annihalate Missions. A Lt. sweeps his assigned terrain coordiate. On sighting the enemy, the Lt. reports the coordiates to his Company and deploys his Platoon to annihilate the enemy. RepulsorliftPlatoon.jpg
A First Sun Repulsorlift Company consists of four Repulsorlift Platoons. A Company is commanded by a Captain and consists of 192 soldiers and 8 combat vehicles. A Captain is responsible for a city and the surrounding terrain. By coordinating the SLAMs of his Lieutenants, the Captain brings together the full force of the Company on an enemy. Augmented Companies include two more platoons of either Heavy Weapons, Scouts, Grenadiers, or Riflemen. RepulsorliftCompany.jpg
A First Sun Repulsorlift Battalion consists of four Repulsorlift Companies. A Battalion is commanded by a Major and consists of 768 soldiers, 32 combat vehicles, and 1 capital ship. The Major is responsible for a planet and the surrounding space by coordinating the Captains occupying the cities. Augmented Battalions include two or more Companies. RepulsorliftBattalion.jpg